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Chris Matarazzo is a musician, composer and writer.


He studied composition with his father, composer and arranger, Joe Matt. His mother, Vivian Matarazzo, (aka VivianCarol) is a singer, recording artist and pianist.


Chris has worked professionally as a drummer, keyboardist and singer in Philadelphia area bands since his later teens, both in "club" and musical theater settings. He studied drums and percussion with Joe Nero (Philly Pops), piano with Joe Riccardi and classical guitar with guitarist and historical instrumentalist, Kathleen Mayes.


Chris has written and recorded numerous songs and worked as a session musician for some twenty years. In 1998, he wrote and produced the score to an independent film: the offbeat and darkly comical, award-winning psychodrama, Surrender Dorothy, written and directed by Kevin DiNovis.

His first album release was 2011's Hats and Rabbits, on which he wrote, arranged and performed all instruments and lead vocals. Hats and Rabbits is a collection of songs with influences spanning styles from progressive rock to Barry Manilow-style ballads to French orchestral Impressionsm, Renaissance music and jazz. 

Chris's second CD, American Sketches (2016), is a collection of neo- impressionistic piano pieces that "paint pictures" based on the composer's observations of American life -- from the simplest scenes to the most grand and dramatic.
In 2017, he composed new orchestral scores for three classic silent films: Frankenstein (1910); A Trip to the Moon (1902) and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1912) for a Halloween screening at The Vault, at Victor Records.
Chris's goal has always been to first be good at life and then to improve and remain energetic in his creative endeavors. (He realizes he has a long way to go on both counts.) He remains committed to creating the best art and, more importantly, to raising the best sons he can. 

He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife, Karen, their two boys and and two quickly-growing pups named Snickerdoodle and Lornadoone.


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