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Music Samples:

A selection of my work in orchestral and in other styles. For a much wider sample of my music, please visit the Soundcloud link above. 

"Westworld" Scoring Competition Entry, 2020

My entry into the Spitfire/HBO WESTWORLD scoring competition, 2020. I went for a combo of classic "chase scene" orchestral scoring, along with some modern tricks. It was a lot of fun to do. 

"Stand Together" (Uplifting Orchestral Music)

A piece about brothers and sisters of the heart standing together for what they believe in. Dedicated to soldiers, Marines and sailors who believe in what they are doing, in hopes that some day they won't have to do it anymore. Mostly dedicated to the men who fought in WWII -- some of whom were relatives of mine I would never meet.

"Sleeping Beauty's Dream"

A piece imagined for a fantasy setting; maybe an animated film. Fully orchestral; gentle and Disney-esque.


A piece written just after the solstice, inspired by and including some outstanding samples from Spitfire Audio, including "Felt Piano" and "Frozen Strings." It had to be a winter tune. Featuring the photography of my awesome wife, Karen.

"Above the Trees"

A little experiment in composing a piece with a sustained arpeggio; the action in the music happens around that arpeggio. I thought it would work nicely with some cool drone footage.

"Sunday Love Theme" (Romantic Orchestral)

A romantic theme for orchestra, piano and classical guitar.

"Bring Back the Muzak" 

After watching the entire VHS collection of the Lawrence Welk show, I donned a sky blue tux and a ruffled shirt and penned this masterpiece. Of great use if you had a bad day.

"Swingin' with Frank and Stein"

A collaboration with a talented artist for this one. After I wrote this piece of "electroswing" music, I immediately thought of Patch's work. Contained within Patch's imaginings of Frankenstein's creature is a little comic of one of the poor chap's sad misadventures...

"The Meditations of Master Po"

A piece I wrote as "meditative music." As I was working, I thought of my favorite old TV show from my youth: KUNG FU and the character of Master Po, the wise, blind Master. The music is not in any way authentically Chinese; in fact, I use a few African instruments, like Kalimba and thumb piano... But I think the music is sufficiently Taoistic...and I love the way it pairs with the old Chinese art.

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